I’ve moved…

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything… though I still regularly post photos to my flickr page which has acted as my photo blog/journal:

I’ve also switched over to Blogger for my written journal. If you would like to add it to your LIveJournal friends list as a syndication, the feed URL is:

You can also go directly to it at joeysplanting.blogspot.com

I’ve been going through alot lately and now starting to get things back together. I’ve also added some of my LiveJournal friends to my RSS reader, so I can catch up on your post.

  • JOEY! I’ve missed your posts sooo much! I didn’t know what had happened. I’m going to add your blog for sure. I’m sorry you’ve been through some rough times. I hope you continue to recover. If you ever need to vent, look me up. I’m a good listener. :)

  • Oops! I’m not a paid account user, so I added you to My Yahoo page instead.

  • Anonymous

    Mimulus aurantiacus seeds – Hungary

    Hi Joey!

    I am growing a number of southwestern plants and have been longing to get some bush monkey flower and climbing penstemon seeds. I have seen your photos on flickr.
    I wonder whether you have any to share? (of course, I would cover your postage costs)

    Please let me know,

    Lou Sebok (videoplusline@yahoo.com)