Mourning Dove Eggs

As I was planting this evening, I noticed that a Mourning Dove was flying in our patio again. My Mom told me that it has been there since this afternoon. She then showed me her String of Pearls hanging plant, complete with new nest and eggs.

I’m kind of worried that the Mourning Dove will be too frightened with us being around and abandon the eggs… but she’s been in and around our patio for a while now, even after my Mom captured her for a few hours… and she actually returned. I’m just wishing the best for the Mourning Dove and will accommodate her as much as possible. Hopefully, we will see some healthy baby doves soon.

Mourning Dove Eggs

  • wow, that is amazing.

  • oh wow! i love that!!!

  • Awww… she knows loving people when she sees them, apparently. :)

  • What does Mom think of the eggs? Is she excited to see them hatch? I know I would be!!! :)

  • COOL! I’ve never seen mourning dove eggs before.

  • How cool!

    And I’ve been meaning to email you and say THANKS! again for the subscription to Organic Gardening. I got my first issue in recently and I *LOVE* it!


    How’s the rest of your garden coming along?

  • It must be the season! I just came across these photos from one of my mailing lists.

  • I miss your posts. Hope you are doing ok.