Happy New Year! + Bye Bye Eric + Back on LiveJournal

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season as I did… I did many of the things on my To Do list, but not all. I got a bit of gardening done, which I will write about later on post dated entries.

My loooong holiday break (since December 24th) is coming to a close and I have to get back to work tomorrow (Monday). Argh!!!

Bye Bye Eric

Earlier today, Me and my Mom took my nephew, Eric, to the airport, as his vacation here is coming to an end and he is flying back to Hawaii. He has been here since December 20th and I really enjoyed his stay with us. We grew up together and he seems more like my little brother than my nephew.

After dropping Eric off… I asked my Mom if she wanted to go anywhere… and she wanted to go to Trader Joe’s and Ikea… so we spent some time together shopping. My Mom found a bed at Ikea that she wanted called ASPELUND, but they were sold out, so I have to check later to see if they have it available. I found more MÄNGD blue glass rocks (which I bought previously) and they were on sale for only $2.99 (pack of 6).

Back on LiveJournal

If you are a old LiveJournal friend of mine, you may be surprised to see this post. Well… during my break, I was thinking how I miss blogging and I wasn’t really keeping up… especially on BlogSpot/Blogger which I moved to a while also. I wasn’t that satisfied with it and didn’t like how entries were divided by months. I like how LiveJournal entries are just a continuous stream… kinda like how Flickr is a continuous stream of my photos.

I happen to check up on some LiveJournal friends and noticed that some LiveJournal blogs had different themes similar to Blogger or MovableType and some other blog sites, so did some research and found that LiveJournal has a slew of new features (well they are new to me), including this nifty post and entry editor and a new theme… so I decided to come back…

As I have more time, I will port my past BlogSpot/Blogger entries back here (I don’t have too much), just for consistence sakes and post new entries of my gardening during my holiday break… cuz I’m still gardening during the winter :)