Aquilegia flabellata ‘Nana Alba’?

Aquilegia flabellata 'Nana Alba'?

I am so excited to see that one of my four surviving Columbines planted from seeds is just beginning to bloom… I’m doubly excite to see that it may be Aquilegia flabellata ‘Nana Alba’ which I have wanted for some time now.

The seeds were sent to me by fellow LiveJournal/Flickr user, lblanchard/lb_philly… Thank you so much Laura… They were difficult to germinate, but a few did. When they were big enough to transplant, all the ink on the tags faded and I couldn’t read them, so I didn’t know what varieties I had. I basically have to wait until they flowered.

I’ll keep checking this plant until the flower open, so I can snap a photo of it :)

  • Looks like it!

    It’s never been a robust germinator. Also, don’t forget that these are short-lived perennials, so it won’t be with you forever.

    If this cross-pollinates with your yellow one, you may get some interesting hybrids.

    • I’m so happy :) I didn’t know they were short lived…. Ours seems to come up really strong every year, though I don’t know how old they are… It’s ironic how hard they are to germinate when I sowed them, since we find so many volunteers in our garden every year.

      Would you be interested in some Columbine seeds? Last year I harvested some seeds from our new ‘Tower Dark Blue’, ‘Tower White‘ and ‘Magpie‘.

      • I appreciate the thought, but now that I don’t have a community garden to populate with ornamentals, I’m only growing A. flabellata nana alba for my back courtyard. I’m going to watch for seeds of that from Burpee, Park et al, though — mine are a little inbred by now, I fear.