I’m Going to the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show!!!

I heard that the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show starts Wednesday, so I asked my boss if I can to take Thursday off so I can take my Mom to it.

I’ve never been to a Flower & Garden Show, so this’ll be an experience…

  • Hee!

    I haven’t been in several years, but I’m going this year. Tips from previous years: wear comfortable walking shoes – the floor is concrete, and hard on the legs. The Cow Palace is badly designed, and can be quite cold/drafty. I recommend taking a warm layer even if it’s glorious out. Remember to take cash to pay for parking – I’m not sure if they take credit cards for that.

    Anything else? Oh yes, plan on spending at *least* 3 hours if you want to see most things, and that’s to do it quickly. Make sure to check out the orchid exhibit. Even when not many people show up to display their wares, which has happened some years, it’s still amazing to see all the different flowers.

    I look forward to comparing notes next week!

    • Thank you for those great newbie tips!!!… We’ll probably go in the morning, so I think we will have enough time. Ohh… and I have to remember to put newly charged batteries into my camera :) I hope there’s good lighting, so photos will come out without using a flash (I don’t like using a flash until absolutely necessary)

      • It can actually be quite dark for good photos. Charged batteries is a good idea, because if it’s anything like previous years, you’ll need the flash more than you’ll like.

        I almost always end up going later in the day to get the half-day price, so I’ve often had to rush my way through. This year I’m going on a weekday, I hope, so I’ll have more hours to see everything. That will be a luxury!

        • Hope you had fun!!! I sure did and my Mom really enjoyed herself.

          It’s funny, bythe time we were almost done with the show, I didn’t think they had a plant sale, but when we walked out of the main area, oh boy… plants-for-sale galore. I forced myself to buy too much… and I did good. I bought 2 Dahlia cuttings and my Mom bought some bulbs and that rubberized broom :)

  • Have fun. Columbus, Ohio, has a big show every spring and it is wonderful. They also have one at the Grand Place here in Brussels, Belgium that is a lot of fun. It does brighten the spirit.

    • That’s good to hear… They did brighten our spirits and gave us inspiration.

      I didn’t realize that you were in Brussels… How do you like it there?

      • While I could do with a lot more sun and fewer clouds, Brussels is a great city. It truly is the capital of Europe in every sense of the word. I can go out to see the sights or have dinner and end up speaking four or more languages in one evening.

        • Wow… you are lingually talented… I can only speak 1 and a half languages… hehe

          • I actually speak eight languages fluently and a little of two or three more. It does help in my profession.