Pacific Orchid Exposition 2007

Two weeks ago, I took a Friday off of work and took my Mom to the Pacific Orchid Exposition. This was the first Orchid show I have ever been to, so I was overwhelmed with all the different varieties of Orchids. Me and my Mom had a wonderful time and ended up purchasing a few plants.

I just finished editing my photos from the show and uploaded 74 of them (for your viewing pleasure :) to my Flickr set called Pacific Orchid Exposition 2007.

Laeliocattleya Dennis Olivas 'Moon Shadow'   Dendrobium Spring Jewel 'Miki'

above: Laeliocattleya Dennis Olivas ‘Moon Shadow’ & Dendrobium Spring Jewel ‘Miki’
below: Macodes petola & Masdevallia Copper Angel ‘Highland’ AM/AOS

Macodes petola   Masdevallia Copper Angel 'Highland' AM/AOS

  • At the NW Flower & Garden Show this year I saw, for the first time, Macodes petola. I thought it was one of the most incredible foliage plants I’d ever seen…as you know, pictures don’t do justice because it’s so hard to capture the jewel-like “glitter” in the leaf veins…

    Honestly I’m not an orchid fancier because I have no talent for growing them – and a 4″ pot of this lovely was priced at $38!!! – but I was soooooo tempted. On googling, though, I saw that they’re considered high-maintenance even by orchid people, so I’m glad I resisted. I’ll just admire other peoples’. :)

    • I agree, Macodes petola is such a lovely plant… and the photo doesn’t do it justice…

      I was hoping to see it in person and I’m glad I did. I was also thinking of buying one, but like you said it was too expensive. Instead I got two other Jewel Orchids: Ludisia discolor var. Alba (to go with my Ludisia discolor I got for my birthday) and Goodyera kwangtungensis. Both were a lot less pricey than the Macodes petola.