Olympic Torce…

I arrive at Castro and John and them are gonna be late so head for Hortica Urban Gardens (a plant store in the Castro) so I can buy some cactus mix. Well they were closed so I start heading for Cafe Flore.

At the corner of Market and Castro, there were alot of people on the corner. I was thinking that there were an unusually large number of people waiting to cross. But when the light turned green, almost everyone was still standing on the corner. I cross and notice alot of cops on motorcycles. then I realize that there are tons of people lined up alone Market from Castro to Noe.

Then it hits me that the torch is coming. Actually I heard a couple of guys saying that. So I decided to stop for a while and watch.

I got to see a brigade of cops followed by RVs and vans, then someone jogging with the Olympic Torch. midway down then hill, I saw the woman pass the torch to another man, who then starts jogging down the hill and turn left on Market. There is olympic music blasting from someones apartment above, sirens and horns are blaring and the crowd cheers. I was actually a pretty cool site. I’ve never seen this in real life and I didn’t even know this was happening this evening.