Pick Up My Cell Phone…

Dang, I was stressing last night, ‘cuz I couldn’t find my cell phone.

H called me this morning and left me a message that I left it (or dropped it) in his car. When I talked to him this morning, I went through that weird, mixed feeling. It’s like I would do anything and I don’t care what I have to do kinda feeling… and it seemed like meeting was gonna be a bother. Even to just drive to Fremont to pick me up at the BART. He suggested that he give it to A… and A and meet me and I can pick it up from him, but I don’t think H realized that I wouldn’t get my cell phone until Wednesday that way… But I told him that I kinda wanted it as soon as I can.

Well we planned to meet at Fremont – like I thought we should – after work. It actually was nice… He picked me up and we went to that Vietnamese place where we ate with Tim one day. It was closed though and we saw that TK Noodle next door was open, so we just ate there… That was good… I think I ate too much though (like always)

Afterwards, before he dropped me off at the BART, he wanted to look for comforter covers and a fitted sheet. We went to Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. He found something he liked, but he will hold off and keep looking around.

All in all it was fun actually… I think I was thinking too much about things… I really liked it when he said he had fun… :) I had fun too :)