Two New Goldfishes…

After work today, I went over to the aquarium store in Chinatown to see if they had any new pearlscale goldfishes. I also had to get more goldfish food and some medicine for my guppy tank. The guppies don’t look well – looks like they have tail rot or something.

Anyways, they didn’t have any new pearlscale, so I just looked at what they had. I saw some ryukins that were reallt cute, so I bought two of them… Pretty cheap too… only $1.95 each.

Just got paid!!!

Just got into work and checked my balance online… Yeah!!! My direct deposit paycheck just got posted… Now I can eat!

Still $0.00…

Just checked to see if my direct deposit check has posted in my bank account… Nope! Not yet… Hopefully by the time I wake up, I’ll finally have some money in the bank. I really screwed myself this time (see Jan. 8, 2002 entry) and I have to be more carefully with my money, especially since my New Years resolution was to get my finances in order. So for the past few days, I haven’t been spending any money (since I don’t have any) and buying really really cheap lunches. There were so many things I wanted to buy, also, but those thangs just have to wait. (Actually, it’s good, ‘cuz I’ve had to re-evaluate what things I really needed).

I also set up a calendar with all my bill due dates on my Yahoo! Calendar. I actually find this more useful than my Palm, since I do more work on the computer. Plus, I have easy access to my Yahoo! Calendar from any web-enabled computer. I also have it set up to remind me to send in my payments before the due date, which will save me with all those late fees. I’ve just been wasting my money with them damn late fees!