Gotta love PBS…

Made dinner tonight for me and Hoang. Made (or should I say reheated) some pancit, sinigang, lumpia and some rice. As we ate, we watched a few shows on PBS. Gotta love PBS…

First was Nature with a show about Lemurs. It was quite fascinating, informative and also sad. I actually watched this before, but it was good to see it again. This crew followed a season with this pack of mother lemurs and how they cared for their babies. The crew personalized (is that the word?) some babies and key players of the pack.

One baby was a rambunctious male who was called Daredevil. This one was a wild one. Always playing and hyper. He was the strongest and most energetic of the babies. Unfortunately, this was his weakness as he fell from a branch while playing and paralyzed himself. It was sad to see his mom as she was confused why he wouldn’t move.

Another baby was an albino named (damn I forgot). He was a cute one too and although it stood out from all the others, he was accepted. As he grew he became sickly. His stomach was distended and he was lethargic. He often was left behind. One day his mom found him, no longer moving. She, being confused why he wasn’t responding, stayed with him for a long period of time, herself sometimes being left behind. At one point, one of the males came up to her and her baby and consoled them.

There were twins who both survived the season. They were noticeably smaller than the other babies, but at the end, they both grew to maturity. In the wild it is rare for two baby lemurs to both grow to maturity.

After that show, another Nature played. This time it was about creatures in your garden. I think the title was “The Secret Garden”. So we learned about butterflies, wasps, hedgehogs, snails, ants, water bugs, plants and a maraud of other creatures.

Third show was “In The Life,” show about gays and lesbians. One segment I really liked was gay couples who had babies. How they dealt with home life in general, people around them and the process of adoption or insemination. Quite informative. Seeing the children, they grew up like any normal child. Many of them actually had a life similar to gay individual even though they were straight. They had to deal with other kids making fun of them, not understanding and hiding some aspects of family life. All in all the kids were very mature and were strong individuals. Kinda disproves the concerns that some people think that the kids will turn out gay too.