Photos for Shutterfly…

I just spent more than a hour editing digital photos that I uploaded on Gonna make prints of them (41 in total) and it’s cool how you can crop it, fix it, add a white border or a fancy border theme. I got some picture of some friends and I thought I would give them these photos as gifts.

If you don’t have a photo printer and have digital pics you want prints of, try shutterfly. They have specials every once in a while and you can share albums, edit yer photos, plus the bonus for me is a special browser plug-in you can download which make uploading your digital photos as easy as just dragging and dropping it to the site.

I saw earlier today that Apple release a new product for OS X called iPhoto that – from what it looks like – downloads from your camera, catalogs, can make thumbnails, publish for web, etc. etc… I gotta download it and try it out. Unfortunately my camera is not on the supported list, but I can get a SmartMedia Reader which it’s compatible with.

Some I’m thinking of buying a SanDisk SmartMedia USB Reader, ‘cuz it’ll make downloading the photos much faster than using the Olympus program and hooking up the camera.

Speaking of photo’s, I have to post some to my photo diary on my web page. I can’t remember when I last did that… It was a while back. It’s kinda like a journal, but in pictures.