Me and an iPad…

Me and an iPad

I finally got to see an actual iPad for the first time.

Our IT person brought it up from downstairs and shared it with us.

I played with a piano app and played Chariot’s of Fire for my coworkers. I then played around with the Adobe Ideas app and my coworker Ed took a photo of me with the Devil Doll I drew.

I was also able to test if the Apple Component AV Cable works… and it does.

Ed’s Drobo + Google Analytics…

3:14pm My coworker just got a Drobo!!!… I’m jealous… #

6:07pm Learning how to use Google Analytics#

6:38pm Any suggestions on a free but detailed website analytics site?… I’m testing Google Analytics, but it’s complicated & not working for me… #

Thursday Tweets…

  • 12:46 I just learned (from Ed) what those tiny birds around here are called: Bushtit. #
  • 21:36 Whoa!… I’m now getting 4-5 bars at work compared to 0-1 bars before… #


My coworker, Ed, took a photo of me with the Polarize app on his iPhone.