Rosy Dawn Gardens Coleus Order…

I just placed an order at Rosy Dawn Gardens for some Coleus for 2012. I ordered:

– Sedona
– Plum Frost
– Ruby Laser
– Flamingo
– Florida Inferno
– Diane’s Gold
– Trailing Plum Brocade
– Saturn
– Saturn’s Rings

– I also placed a special request for Tilt-a-Whirl if it becomes available.

I’ve have most of these in the past except for Ruby Laser and Florida Inferno, which are new to me. I should be getting these around May 14, 2012.

Orange and Gray Quilt Block…

One of the members of the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild was having a baby and our group decided to make a baby quilt for her. Everyone who participated was asked to make a 12″x12″ block (finished) with orange and gray fabrics. I think orange and gray was her favorite color combination.

Orange/Gray 12x12 Block Construction

I was in the process of making my Habitat Arrows quilt inspired by Marianne Haak’s (MariQuilts) Analeigh’s Quilt 2010… which was inspired by the pattern Follow the Arrows from Quick Quilts Magazine. Since I was in the “arrow” mood… I decided to make my orange and gray block using this pattern.

You can see some of the construction photos on Flickr.

Micro Terreriums

Micro Terreriums by joeysplanting

I saw these Micro Terrerium being sold at Michael’s. They remind me of these mini terrariums that I had when I was a kid.

Dusty Sakura Quilt is Now in Tokyo…

I just read that the quilt I donated to has just arrived in Tokyo :)


Finally Found a Good Web Page Capture App…

I finally found a great free app for the Mac that will capture a whole web page from Safari. I’ve been trying to find a free app, but haven’t found one I liked.

The app is called Skitch and I’ve actually been using for a while now. I just discovered the web page capture function today by accident. The commandto capture a web page from Safari is Snap Safari under the Capture menu item.

I’ve use a Firefox plugin called Pixlr Grabber for work, but it crashes so much. Every time I release final files for a HTML emails, I need to send along a screenshot of the whole page and the Mac’s built in screenshot only captures a portion of the screen. I think Skitch will help me out a lot.


I was searching Vimeo for quilting videos and happen to stumble upon Jimmy McBride, a really talented quilter, in the’s video “Handmade Portraits: StellarQuilts“. I followed a link to his Etsy shop, stellarquilts, and found some pretty amazing quilts.


I then followed a link to his blog, Intergalactic Transport, and read some of his entries about how he made these space-inspired quilts. I love how he uses old shirts from thrift stores and it looks like he paper-pieced most of the quilt. That’s one thing I really want to learn.

I’m inspired and want to try out Jimmy’s techniques, so I’ll trying to think of a small project that I can possibly do… maybe a Christmas present for someone. Hmm?…