Wintersowin’ 2011…

A few days ago, I discovered another way to wintersow… so I’m giving Wintersowing another chance.

I purchased two 50 qt. Sterlite plastic bins with covers.


I was able to place twelve 3 inch pots into each one.


I planted mostly flower seeds and a few vegetable.

Here’s what I planted in Wintersowing Bin #1:


– Calendula (Mixed Colors)
– Larkspur (Bonus seeds from Devenshire Gardens)
– Zinnia ‘Whirligig’
– Zinnia ‘California Giants’ Folia
– Zinnia (Fall 2005 seeds)
– Celosia ‘Pampas Plume Mixed Colors’
– Poppy ‘Iceland, Mixed Colors’
– Cosmos ‘Picotee? (G2/2007)
– Strawflower ‘Tall Double Mixed Colors’
– California Poppy (Orange)
– Forget Me Not ‘Firmament’
– Baby’s Breath ‘Covent Garden’

…and in Wintersowing Bin #2:


– Flax Blue
– African Daisy Mixed Colors
– Alyssum ‘Gold Dust’ (Saxatile compactum)
– Sunflower ‘Lemon Queen (G2/2007)
– Sunflower ‘Dwarf Border Mix’ Folia
– Statice ‘Rainbow Mixed Colors’
– Cosmos (mini collected near Rivet)
– Subaru Wildflower Mix Folia
– Excel Annual Cut Flower Mixture
– Bentley Countryside Wildflower Mixture
– Squash ‘Hybrid Delica’ (Kabocha Squash) Folia
– French Mesclun

  • Hi Joel, thanks for your comment on my blog. Haha I am not very savvy at the technical stuff so not sure what to do about RSS feed. Anyhow been quite lazy recently with the garden updates…Tomato Silvery Fir was the tomato variety I grew this season and they do very well here in Melbourne. Harvested lots for freezing esp with the Cyclone Yasi and floods in Queensland, good to store some as they will become costly to buy. Their fruits can be really huge.

    I see that you are very enthusiastic about your gardening :)…planting lots of edibles. Good on you! :) You may like to follow this blog which is wonderful. I follow it too.

  • BTW, i also used the plastic boxes that you used to sow seeds in winter. The whole box can be moved around to get sunshine and the lid cover over them to keep them away from winter/spring chills. Come early spring, I will be trying out styrofoam boxes instead cos I got a few for free. They would be better at keeping out the cold and will not become brittle by the sun.

  • Thanks for writing savvymummy :) I’m liking these plastic boxes and move it around like you said to get more sunshine and protect it from the rain. Good luck with your garden. I’ll try to check on it every now and then…