Last SF Flower and Garden Show…

I just read from 

  journal that this year’s San Francisco Flower & Garden Show will be the last one :(

I’ve only learned about this Flower & Garden Show two years ago, but since then, me and my Mom really enjoy going. We usually make a day of it, bringing food and armed with our cameras. It’s a such big garden extravaganza for us… and there are so many cool things to see, buy and do…

I already requested a PTO day from work for Thursday, March 19 to go.

Here’s a news article about the news: NW Flower and Garden show to end

Here’s the Garden Show’s website:

Here’s some photos I took from 2008 and 2007.

  • I’m very sorry to hear this. I haven’t heard any rumors about ours, but I suspect that we could take a bit of a hit and still keep on. Ours isn’t professionally-managed, except insofar as the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has become extremely adept at running it. The project runs on volunteers, about 3,500 of us, generates about $15,000,000 in gross revenue, has a significant multiplier effect in money spent here, and returns $1,000,000 or thereabouts to our various area greening and education projects.

    I would hope that the horticultural societies in San Francisco and Seattle might look toward the Philadelphia experience. As I recall, our own flower show was going to die when the ?florists association? decided not to continue and the hort soc stepped in.

    • You know, I’m sure the Northwest Horticultural Society could step in if they had the will to…their members have the money, just (so far) no expressed desire. The shows are for sale through March, so hopefully something good happens!

      • Well, here’s another thing: maybe the Hort Soc wouldn’t need to buy out the shows. I suspect both convention centers would be happy to roll the times over to another organization, and there are a number of models for nonprofits doing this. The $1 million or thereabouts per show that the sellers want might be better spent building new organizations on a nonprofit model.

        • building new organizations on a nonprofit model

          It’s clearly worked for Philly. I’m in favor of whatever works!

          • Of course, one of the things going for us is the incredible number of very very wealthy families, very very fond of gardening, in the Delaware Valley through history. These folks have their staff grow magnificent specimens in their greenhouses and compete like tigers, dropping major gifts to the Show and the Hort Soc along the way…

          • Bah. We’ve got the wealthy families here, too, but they’re nouveau riche…and I know you know the difference. :/ That was the crux of my little half-joke about Bill Gates having that much in change between his couch cushions. *sigh*

  • Sorry to have been the bearer of bad news, Joey I know you and your mom loved the SF show, and I always enjoyed your pictures.

    Hopefully is right and somebody or some group comes forward to save our shows!

    • Heh. Or you could all fly to Philly in early March to get your chlorophyll fix. Oh, I know that really needs to stay closer to the Emerald City at that time of year….