Car Tune-up + Garden Purchases

I took my car into the shop for a tune up early this morning before going to work. I wish I had the knowledge and energy to fix my car on my own, but I don’t… so I pay for it. It costed me more than I thought, but hey someone did it for me…

New Garden PurchasesOnce I got it, I passed by an large discount store to get some q-tips… I noticed that the garden department was still open and I saw tons of seeds and bulbs and they already had Tomato seedlings for sale… but I didn’t get some ‘cuz it’s still too cold in the mornings.

I ended up buying:
– a bag of Potting Mix
Jiffy Peat Pots
Zinnia ‘Envy’ seeds
Carrot ‘Big Top’ seeds
– White Onions (bag of 80 small bulblets)