Cuttings + Peanuts Sprout

Sunday, Feb 26, 2007:

Today, I hung out with a friend of mine. We watched a movie (don’t laugh, Norbits), had Sushi for dinner, did a little bit of grocery shopping, then went to his place to watch the Oscars.

Powdery White Sedum
I found this piece of Sedum Kalanchoe on the floor of the grocery store. It probably accidentally broke off as someone was going through the plant pots. It has really pretty powdery white/gray/blue leaves.

What’s funny is that later as I was in line to pay for my food. Someone dropped a bottle of salsa near the area where I found this. A store employee completely swept and mopped the area. If I didn’t "save" this piece, I’m sure it would have ended up in a dustpan with broken glass and salsa.

Sedum 'Frosty Morn'?
Once I got home. I potted the powdery white Sedum cutting, as well as another Sedum cutting I found along the sideway I walk from work. This one is white with white edges. I think it is Sedum ‘Frosty Morn’.

Unknown Cutting
I also potted an unknown foliage plant that was in my friend Jay’s Valentine’s Day bouquet of flowers.

Peanut Update (2 Days old)
The Peanut seeds I planted 2 days ago are not sprouting roots.