A few of my overwintering Coleus are infested with Mealybugs. Since I wasn’t that busy at work today, I took some time to brush off all the Mealybugs I could find. I’ll examine them in a few day to make sure they don’t return.

Before and After:

My #1 Enemy: Mealybugs!!!   Mealybugs (After)

New to LiveJournal?…

I was just going through LiveJournal and noticed a things which are new to me. I’m not sure if LiveJournal always had these and I didn’t notice… or if they are truly new.

Does Message Center track all comments that are posted on your entries, even older ones?… because it looks like I missed a whole bunch of old comments that I didn’t know about…

Also, does it keep track of replies to comments you make on other peoples posts?

I also noticed that my Instant Messaging client (Adium) has LiveJournal as one of the services (along with AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc.). Is this the LJ Talk that I see in some user’s profile (… Does anyone IM using LJ Talk?

I also noticed that my user profile doesn’t have a LJ Talk listing. Is this feature only for paying users?

I feel like a LJ newbie… maybe I’ll search the help section…

Mango Progess

I was very surprised when a Mango seed that I planted for the heck of it grew… and grew… and grew…

Potted Mango Seed   Emerging Mango Stem and Leaves (17 Days Old)

Mango Progress (26 Days Old)   Mango Repotted (33 Days Old)

The photos above are taken when the Mango was 0, 17, 26 and 33 days old.

More photos (and updates) can be found on this flickr page.