Late Night Gardening

Before going to bed last night, I did a little late night gardening.

Ginger: Last year, I tried planting Ginger… and they grew… a little, then died. I found some Ginger sprouting in our pantry, so I’m going to try to grow them again this year.

Peanut Seeds
Peanuts: I also remembered that we had a bag of raw Peanuts, that we bought from the Filipino grocery store. We either cook these in the microwave or make Boiled Peanuts. I’m going to see if these peanuts will sprout.

Coleus Tilt-a-Whirl Seedling
Coleus ‘Tilt-a-Whirl’ Seedlings: I re-discovered two poor neglected Tilt-a-Whirl seedlings that I planted about a year ago, but somehow lost. They were never repotted and were still in the little plastic drinking cup that they were planted in. I finally separated them and repotted them into new potting soil. I hope they survive… heck, they survived almost a year in that little drinking cup…