3 New Gardening Shows…

I just noticed that HGTV is airing three gardening shows which are new to me:

Secret Gardens of… (2 shows Tuesdays, 9am & 9:30am PST)
Great Amercian Gardens (2 shows Wednesdays, 9am & 9:30am PST)
World Garden Tour (2 shows Thursday, 9am & 9:30am PST)

…so if your a gardening show fan like I am, you may want to see if you get these.

  • You’re BACK! YAY! I’ve missed you. **hugs**

    • Aww… thank you… It’s nice to be back

  • Ooh, thanks for the show pointers. I’ve been hungry for some new gardening shows. Sometimes I think they should change their network name from HGTV to HTV.

    • Did you watch them? They seem just OK… Out of the three, I like “Secret Gardens of” the best. I think I still like the hands on shows like “Gardening by the Yard” and “Rebecca’s Garden”… and also the ones on PBS like “Victory Garden”, “Smart Gardening”, “Garden Smart” and “P. Allen Smith Gardens”…