Someone at work brought in some homegrown Cherry Tomatoes… and they were yummy.

I wish I had grown some this year. I decided not to plant any, which was a mistake, because I miss having little Cherry Tomatoes to snack on when I’m in the garden.

Things I learnt:

– I have to plant them in the ground earlier.

– One thing I noticed this year was that the cutting from one of my tomato plants grew a lot bigger and healthier than the mother plant. I wonder if I should just plant one plant and take cuttings from it next year… hmmm?

– I won’t plant Great White Tomato next year, because I didn’t like it that much. I’ll concentrate on Brandywine, a cherry tomato and Roma.

  • Interestingly enough, I was just contemplating today on taking cuttings from my Sun Gold and Sun Sugar cherry tomatoes to overwinter and plant next spring. I’ve heard it does make a stronger plant, and the tomatoes are to DIE for!!

  • Would you care for some heritage yellow cherry tomoato seeds. They were given to me by an innkeeper in West Virginia and she called the Pew Hill yellow cherry tomotoes and said they had been grown around there for at least 100 years. I’ll happily send you seeds.