Nephew bye-bye + a Little Bit of Gardening

My nephew from Japan left yesterday :( and his 4 kids are back with their mom… so my other nephew from Korea, his wife and his 2 kids are left staying here until Friday. It’s been so much fun with the kids. I got to spend some quality time with them, and they feel closer, considering I’ve only seen them about 3 time before. It was fun wrestling with them and giving them piggyback rides (well, the smaller ones). One of my great-nephews also likes to give me massages which was a real treat.

Today, I was going to pull up the old Brussels Sprouts, but I didn’t feel like doing too much work, so that’ll have to wait.

I ended up dead-heading some of the spent Daffodil flower and pulling up weeds in the front yard.

I also left the seedlings of the Swiss Chard, Chin-Chiang Cabbage, Bok Choy, Lettuces and Sugar Snap Peas out in the back patio after harding them off for the past 2 days. I got tired of bringing them in and out, so it’s pretty much sink or swim for them.

  • It’s great that you had a chance to really spend quality time with them.

    • It really is. I think they see me as a big kid, instead of their 37 year old great-uncle :)

      • I am 36 and my nephew and niece are about the same age as your great-nephews and nieces!

        They are lucky to have such a GREAT great-uncle as you!

  • Can I borrow your great-nephew? My niece likes to GET massages, but she’s not much on giving them. lol.

    Your seedlings will probably be ok. Swiss Chard is hard to kill off, and I’ve had sugar snaps “snap” back after thinking they were done for several times. I’m not real good at the hardening off process either, all that carrying in, out, and around.

    • Nope! He’s all mine… hehe, just kidding. After he gave me a massage, I didn’t expect him to ask me to give him a foot massage. I didn’t know how to give a foot massage, but he liked it…

      I think they will be fine too… They look pretty hardly, plus it’s not freezing outside.