Coleus Up + More Seeds Down…

I just checked my Jiffy Mini-Greenhouse planted with Coleus and to my surprise, three of them have started to come up, just after four days. They are ‘Kong Green’, ‘Kong Scarlet’ and ‘Tabasco?’.

I also sow more seeds into the Jiffy Greenhouse (72 Pellets):

– Sugar Snap Peas (12 pellets)
– Japanese Long Purple Eggplant (6 pellets)
– Roma Tomato (3 pellets)
– Clemson Spineless Okra (3 pellets)
– Bok Choy (12 pellets)
– Hybrid Summer Boy Chin-Chiang Cabbage (6 pellets)
– Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard (6 pellets)
– Salad Bowl Lettuce (8 pellets)
– Grand Rapids Lettuce (8 pellets)
– Mighty Red Oak Lettuce (8 pellets)

  • Oohh that’s very exciting! I love when seeds come up so quick. Where do you get your coleus seeds? Are they self saved?

    • Yup yup, they are self saved. I just started growing Coleus last year, and tried to save as many seeds as I can. I’m surprised they actually came up, because they look are so tiny, and it’s hard to picture such a plant emerging from that tiny little speck.

      • That’s awesome!! I save seeds from lots of things but I didn’t from my coleus last year, I assumed they were hybrids but maybe not! I’ll try this year. I can’t ever seem to find seeds for just one type of coleus, I always end up with the mixed packets, which are fine but I kinda like to know what I’m growing.

        • I’m pretty sure mine are hybrids, so I’m not sure what I’ll get. Hmmm? I just thought of something… What should I call the siblings, since the seeds from the Coleus ‘Dapple Apple’ may not even look like it? ‘Dapple Apple G2’?

          I think the only way to get a specific type is to take cuttings…

  • Four days? That’s great! Do you use any heating mats or just the heat off the lights?

    • I don’t have any heating mats. They are just on a shelve in my bedroom, so I’m assuming it is 68°F plus the heat from the fluorescent light.