I thought I’m really tired and it’s really late and I have to get up early for a funeral tomorrow… I’m anxious to sowed another batch of seeds. Seeing how quickly my first Coleus emerged, I’m sowing another 12 pack Jiffy Mini-Greenhouse with 6 types of Coleus (2 Jiffy pellets each):

– Coleus ‘Kong Green’ (I couldn’t tell if these seeds were good)
– Coleus ‘Dark Star’
– Coleus ‘Amora?’
– Some type of red coleus (Coleus ‘Tabasco’ maybe?)
– Coleus ‘Tilt-A-Whirl’
– Coleus ‘Kong Scarlet’

  • I’ll be interested to learn what kinds of mongrels you get from this experiment. I’ve got seeds from my ‘Chaucer’ coleus (that’s where I nabbed the cutting, not its actual name) but expect them to be as different from the parent as last year’s Son of Chaucer volunteer is.

    • I will surely keep you updated. Maybe I’ll grow up to become a Coleus breeder… I’ll have to name my babies too… How does ‘Son of Dappled Apple’ sound? ;)