Found Fungi

I found these fungi growing on a dead apple tree trunk in our back yard.

Found Fungi

Found Fungi

Found Fungi

  • Anonymous

    you must try the choco-mint version

    … of Velamints. “they go faaaaast” (as Hershey’s)

  • Thanks. These are beautiful.

    What kind of camera did you say you have?

    • Thank you :) I’m using a Canon PowerShot A610 camera. I really like it because you can take macros up to 1 cm from the subject, plus I like how he monitor screen can be pulled out and angled.

  • We had some of that same type thing growing in the woods behind my house last winter. Really cool looking stuff.

    Your photos of it are fantastic.

    • Thank you. I’ve never seen these growing in our garden. I wish I knew what they were called.