Live Christmas Tree for My New House…

Just a thought… When I get my own house, I want to get a live Christmas Tree to plant in a large container. I’ll keep it in the back and take to the front of the house and decorated with lights at Christmas time. I’ll so some research and see what trees don’t grow too big or can be controlled with pruning.

Does anyone do this?

  • Most any spruce can be kept forever small if you snap off the new candles each year as they grow. I have done so with one inmy yard.

    In your climate maybe a Norfolk Pine might work as well. I am unsure how cold your winter nights get.

    • Thank you for the info… I’ll have to see if they sell those at the local nursery. We hardly get below freezing here. Once in a while we’ll get a slight frost, but it doesn’t last long.

  • Followed your journal from Gardening. Nothing against treebreeze’s suggestion of a Norfolk Pine as I really love them myself though they are odd with pruning, I think they will never grow past a damaged/trimmed bud. Also they’re pretty sensitive; I had one in a pot that I placed a small set of lights on and where the plastic clips had been all the branches died from that point out. They were not particularly snug and I doubt would’ve had any effect on most plants.