Bay Quilts Pre-opening Preview

This morning, I got had the pleasure of previewing a new quilt store that will open on Thursday, September 1, 2016.

Bay Quilts

Sally Davey, the owner, invited members of the East Bay Modern Quilters (EBMQ) to come in and preview the store and give her suggestion from a customer’s point-of-view. She showed us around and let us walk around to view at all the fabrics and supplies that will be on sale.

Cutting Table

I loved the natural lighting in the store and kept staring up at the loft with the long-arm and space where future classes and workshops would take place. Sally explained how she imagine the classes being set up and asked us what we would like in a class space. Someone even asked if we can hold quilt club meetings or sew-ins there and she was totally open to it! I guess we’ll have something to talk about at our next EBMQ meeting.

Future Class/Workshop Area

There were also quilts for sale on one wall…


…and on the opposite side of the store, a whole walls displaying quilts by the late Deanna Davis, who was the president of East Bay Heritage Quilters when I started quilting. It was so nice to see quilts by Deanna that I haven’t seen before.

Deanna Davis Quilts

I can’t wait til it opens and looking forward to taking classes or attending meetings or sew-ins here.

Store Carts

Here are more photos in this slideshow:

I got a sneak preview to a new quilt shop opening on Sept 1. Sally, the owner, invited the EBMQ to preview and give her suggestions from a customer perspective. I can't wait until it open. #quiltshop #bayquilts #richmond #fabric #quilt #quilting

oh wait… here are the details:

Bay Quilts
5327 Jacuzzi St 3C
Richmond, CA 94804

Opens Thursday, September 1, 2016.
Store hours: Monday to Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm (not yet up, but coming soon)

Photos from the EBMQG October 2012 Meeting…

Here are some photos from the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild – October 2012 meeting that I attended this week.

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Photos from the EBMQG May Meeting…

I was finally able to upload photos from May’s East Bay Modern Quilt Guild meeting onto my Flickr site.

Here’s the photoset: “EBMQG – May 2012 Meeting“… or you can click below to view a slideshow.

Stacey who normal runs the monthly meetings is in Virginia for a couple months, so Lauren ran the May meeting. Here are notes from the meeting:

February Bloom Day…

February 15 is February Bloom Day, so I went through our garden and photographed all the plants in bloom. Despite the winter cold, I was surprised how many flowers when have in mid-February.

You can also view the photos individually on my “February 2011 Bloom Day” Flickr set.

East Bay Modern Quilt Guild – Feb 2011 Meeting…

I attended my second meeting at the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild.  It was fun and very informational… and I really enjoy seeing everyone’s quilts up close… It was very inspirational.

You can also view the individual photos on my Flickr set “EBMQG – Feb 2011 Meeting“.