Making Winter Sowing Containers…

I realized that I posted some information about winter sowing in previous entries:

…but never posted instructions on how I did them… so here I go:

Making Winter Sowing Containers (Step 1)

I first marked where I wanted to cut the bottles and milk cartons using a Sharpie permanent marker…

To make this easier for me, I cut a strip of cardboard 2.5 inches tall, aligned the cardboard and bottle on the ground, then traced along the top edge of the cardboard with the Sharpie onto the bottle…

then I carefully cut along the line.

Making Winter Sowing Containers (Step 2)

I then poked holes in the bottoms to let excess water flow through the container.

A friend on Flickr suggested that I also put additional hole on the sides to allow better drainage, especially if these sit on a flat surface .

Making Winter Sowing Containers (Step 3)

I created vent holes on my first container, but later ommitted this step and just left the top off the bottle.

Making Winter Sowing Containers (Step 4)

Added some potting soil to about 2 inches and sowed some seeds. For my first two winter sowing container, I planted Daisy Garden Wildflower Mix and a Wildflower Mix I got free from Subaru (at the SF Flower and Garden Show).

Winter Sown Seeds

For my second batch, I sowed: Zinnia ‘Whirligig’ Cosmos ‘Bright Lights Mix’ Alyssum ‘Gold Dust’ Melampodium (Butter Daisy), Cilantro Zinnia (Fall 2005).

Winter Sown

Here they are all lined up in our backyard.

Winter Sowing?…

  • 1:25am Reading up what "Winter Sowing" is. Gonna try it for the first time this year. Starting by gathering empty milk cartons. #

Milk Carton Gathering

I found these milk cartons at work last week and brought them home to try some wintersowing. I saw some gardeners doing this last year and wanted to try it out.

Milk Carton Gathering

I was inspired by these photos:

More wintersowing info: