Knitted Tri-peak Cap…

I was amazed that I completed my third Knitted Tri-peak Cap in just a day. It’s a birthday gift for a friend and I wanted to get it done by the weekend.

Tri-peak Cap #3


Last night, I was watching a knitting/crocheting show (I think it was called Knitting Daily)… They had a segment where they crocheted these cute Japanese-style dolls called Amigurumi. This may be a perfect first crocheting project, since I bought a Learn How to Crochet kit a few weeks ago.

Here are some links I want to jot down for reference:
How to crochet Japanese amigurumi dolls using single crochet
mom & pop design: not your grandma’s crocheting
Curls of Sunshine – New Free Amigurumi Owl Crochet Pattern
An Introduction to Amigurumi
Birds of a Feather « BitterSweet