Broccoli, Mustard and Elephant Garlic PlantedĀ 

After dinner, I watched a bunch of YouTube videos about how to grow Dragonfruits, I have 3 existing varieties, two recently grown from cutting that I acquired and a bunch that I grew from seeds year ago. I’m. Now contemplating where in our garden I can plant the Dragonfruits so they don’t stay small in their pots.

Afterwards, I did some late night planting in the back yard before I got freaked out by mysterious noises.

Broccoli and Mustard Sown

I planted some Calabrese Broccoli and Yanagawa Tanaka Mustard seeds into 3 inch pots which I will divided later (my new preferred method of growing seeds).

Elephant Garlic

I also broke apart an Elephant Garlic that I bought from the grocery and planted the 9 bulblets into 3 inch pots.

Elephant Garlic Broken Up

I’ll plant these out into the garden when they start sprouting a bit. 

Gardening Update + Edible Broccoli Leaves?…

5:16pm Lemon Verbena is breaking dormancy and starting to leaf out… #

5:18pm The grafted Peach ‘Flavorcrest’ is starting to bloom… #

7:26pm Potted up my new White Chinese Ground Orchid into a one-gallon pot… #

7:47pm Are Broccoli leaves edible?.. We got a bunch of Broccoli with leaves from my cousin and the leaves look almost as good as Collard Greens… #

8:30pm Winter-sown Zinnia ‘Whirligig’ is already sprouting… #


turtleinashell from LiveJournal send me this link:
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