Sewing Machine Recommendations?

My New Michley LSS-505 Sewing Machine

After sewing on my cheap small Michley sewing machine (see above) for a while, I’m considering getting a simple, but less toy-like machine. My Michley LSS-505 a pretty decent sewing machine for the price ($35); it gets basic stuff done, it’s super easy to carry around (only about 5 lbs.) and can run on batteries (no need to plug it in)… but I think I want a faster machine that can handle thicker fabrics (or more layer like in a quilt) and be able to attach a 1/4 inch or walking foot.

Any suggestions or recommendations? What sewing machine do you use?

  • I swear by my antique singer sewing machines. I have two, a 99k which is heavy duty and can sew through anything, and a smaller lighter featherweight. I’ve never had one problem with either of them, they just don’t make them like they used to. Amazing quality. Both were purchased in thrift stores for quite cheap.

    • Hi Meighan, I didn’t realize that you sewed too…

  • I have a Juki TL 98E – Juki usually makes industrial machines but this is a home machine. It’s all metal and it only sews one stitch, a straight stitch. No zigzag even. However it does sew very fast, makes a great stitch, has an automatic thread cutter, and knee lift. It also works well for free motion quilting. They are only around $800 to a $1000. I like it so much better than the standard home sewing computerized berninas, husquavarnas, pfaffs etc. Of course I don’t use all of the fancy stitches in my work.

    • Hi Sherri, I’ve never heard of Juki… Is it a heavy machine?