Sage + Rain Barrel Overflow + Yam Leaves + Sprouts

10:54am Happy “Blame Somebody Else” Day!!!… Go out and blame someone for something!!!… hehe #

6:01pm I showed a coworker how big my Sage plant has grown :: he then told me about a Brown Butter Sage Sauce #

Sage Overflown Rain Barrel

6:18pm Our rain barrel overflowed during the last two days of rain #

6:19pm Found out Turmeric comes from a plant in the Ginger family :: #

11:19pm Got some Yam leaves from the grocery store. We’ll cook the leaves like Spinach, and save the stems to root and plant #

Yam Leaves

11:32pm Just 4 days after sowing the Envy Zinnia, Whirligig Zinnia, Fruit Smoothie Zinnia and Lettuce Leaf Basil are sprouting… #

@joelignacio’s Tweets…

02:59 Just saved my Mom $150 by doing her taxes instead of going to H&R Block… #

09:58 Working in InDesign making an 126 page interactive PDF… It’s been a while since I had to create buttons and hyperlinks in InDesign… #

10:54 Happy "Blame Somebody Else" Day!!!… Go out and blame someone for something!!!… hehe #

13:11 Testing out Opera Mini Web browser for iPhone (it’s finally approved by Apple) :: #

20:46 I just ousted Cal I. as the mayor of Seafood City on @foursquare! #