Bad Coleus Caretaker…

Today, I checked up on my Coleus cuttings which I have neglected and, um…. many are not in good shape. Dang it! I thought the mini-greenhouse dome would keep them watered and healthy, but I guess I left them too long. I will be going through them and saving what I can and take some inventory to see what I have left and see if I can still place an order with Rosy Dawn Gardens for some new varieties for this year.

  • Joey, I’m scarcely better myself – I haven’t even taken a census yet of how many I’ve let go. :/

    BUT, we keep Rosy Dawn in business this way – and our wholesalers have very exciting new lists this year, with lots of varieties even Rosy Dawn doesn’t carry!

    • Yeah, it’s difficult when you don’t have that much space and time. I wish there was more weekend time :)

      What Coleus will you be getting? Do you do mail order? If so, I may just be interested in some…

      • I don’t know which I’ll be ordering yet – there are so many! – and I probably won’t even think about ’em ’til mid-April at the earliest since they can’t go outside here ’til mid-May – but I’ll publish a list once they’re ordered. I’ve never even HEARD of half of them! :)

        • Would one of them happen to be Coleus ‘The Morning After’?