Unknown Weed in My Veggie Bed

I just noticed the flower on this plant that’s in one of my veggie beds. Before it bloomed, I thought it was a Tomato that grew from our compost. Now I think it grew from a seed carried from birds that frequent our yard, since I see bird droppings with seeds in them on the Cucumber next to this plant.

Anyone know what this is?

My garden is in the Northern-East San Francisco Bay Area (zone 9A).

Unknown Weed in My Veggie Bed

  • some sort of datura, very pretty flower :)

    • I wish I would have caught the flower when it was in full bloom…

  • It looks like Jimson Weed (Datura)

  • I would concur with the first two. It looks like that to me, too, though I’ve not seen it often.

    • I’ve seen this (or a relative of this) sold at nurseries but haven’t seen it anywhere else. I’m surprised it appeared in out garden…