Wish List: Bay Laurel

I just thought it would be nice to have a Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis) plant, so my Mom wouldn’t have to buy it from the grocery.

She needed some to make Adobo.

  • The laurel pod I’m sending you is different. It’s an ornamental tree.

    I do have some Bay Laurel though, but I’m not sure how to propagate it. It never flowers or anything. Just has leaves that you use for cooking. HHmm..It’s small too, I bought it in a little 4″ pot last year. It’s grown a little bit, but not much. I need to look up how to propagate it.

    • Thank you again for all those plants and seeds. I want to send you some stuff too… Is the weather there nice enough for you to get plants (maybe a Coleus or two and some succulents) to propagate, or is it better to get you stuff in the spring?

      • Oh you’re quite welcome dear. I’m sorry for the late response. I’ve been in a bit of hiding from things lately. Our weather here is fantastic. I’d love anything you could share.

        I just finished taking some cuttings from my Coleus and have them in the green house. I’m hoping they take so I can have them for the garden again next year. They are so lovely.

        I haven’t been around much. How did things with the house turn out?

        • Hi :) I haven’t been around much too… Just dealing with a lot of work and the house…

          After the owner gave much me such a hard time and not budging from the high price ($50,000 over market value)… I didn’t think it was worth it now and gave up :( I told him if he considered lowering the price to drop me a line. He was totally trying to take advantage of me.

          I’ll try to send you some stuff next Monday. I have a bunch of Coleus ready to cut and I want to give you as much succulents as I can since I think you wanted to build your collection of them :) I also want to snag some succulents I found on my walk to work for myself… I’ll grab some for you too :)