12-pack Mini Greenhouses + Jerusalem Sage + Peppermint-scented Geranium

I woke up late again and drove to work… so after work, I went back to Big Lots and got me some more 12-pack Mini Greenhouses.

By the time I was driving home, the sun was setting and the sky was beautiful, so drove back to Sandpiper Point to see if I can take a photo of the sunset, but I was about 5 minutes too late. (I haven’t gone back there since the pit-bull incident.)

I went to see if I could spot the Jerusalem Sage I wanted… I found it and took a couple of sprigs of it to try to root. I hope they take.

In other news… I’ve been asking people on Dave’s Garden for help identifying some of my unknown plant photos. One that I was please to learn was a Peppermint-scented Geranium from Filbert Steps. Now I totally want to see if they do smell like Peppermint. I also want to ask the owner if I could have some cuttings.