I’m Starting My Coleus Photo Set…

I’m finally organizing my coleus photos and will start uploading a few of them at a time. Click any of the photos below to view my Coleus set on flicker.com.

Coleus “Alabama Sunset”
Alabama Sunset

Coleus “Sedona”

Coleus “Peter Wonder”
Peter Wonder

More photos to come…

  • Mmm. I have those three, and enjoy seeing others’ photos of them. I got the first from a church lady who had it in a planter in front of her house — I ID’d it as “Bellingrath pink,” though, from its habit of going all iridescent pink in full sun.

    sent me bits of the other two, both of which seem to be flourishing under the fluorescents.

    Did you see the one in Rosy Dawn called “autumn?” It’s like Sedona but with a slightly darker and more bluish palette.

  • Hi there again. Hope you don’t mind if I add you to my friends list. I love your garden shots. That “Pete Wonder” there is awesome! I’m always amazed by Coleus colors and textures when I’m in the garden center, but I never buy any because I dread having them die off and have to replant them each year.

  • Very pretty, Joey. :) My little guys are struggling in my bedroom window but they’re hanging in there. ‘Alabama Sunset’ is vigorous even as a houseplant, but nothing like yours!