Too many cars…

I know it’s been awhile. I’ve been so busy and find myself no having the energy to update my journal. (I know I can be lazy)…

So what’s new? We’ve been having to deal with getting rid of our old cars here at home. In the past few weeks, five of our cars have gotten warnings from the police saying that they may be towed. I’m guilty of one count. My old Escort hasn’t been running and has been parked in our driveway for a long while. My parents Winstar has been sitting on the road in front or the house and my bother had his old LTD, his ex-wifes Aerostar and his really old Camaro in front.

I gave my Escort to my neighbor and gave him all the forms to fill out. He just need to bring it to DMV so it transfers to his name. Hopefully soon, so I won’t be liable for it.

We drove my parents Winstar to my Uncles and parked it on his driveway until things calm down here and we have time to work on it.

My brother sold his ex-wife’s Aerostar to a pick and pull and it’s gone. The same thing goes with his LTD, but it’s sitting in the driveway until the tow truck and tow it out on Tuesday. Finally, we had to deal with his really old Camaro.

I thought he was gonna sell it to pick and pull too, or get it crushed, but my oldest brother, who I swear is a pack rat, wants it… so this morning my brother here wakes me up so we can move the Camaro over so it’ll be ready to be moved. I thought we were gonna push it over to my oldest brother’s house about 5 blocks away, but he told me that he was just gonna get it towed from here to the paint shop.

This is were the headache starts. My brother says that we need to move the Camaro out of here before the police tows it, so tomorrow morning before work, I have to get my ass up early and we’re gonna push the Camaro. I just know that it’s gonna take a while and I’m gonna be late for work. ARGH!