I’m not feeling so well…

I thought it may be allergies since I’ve been very congested and sneezing a lot at home (we have a lot of flowers)the past few days… but now I just feel so tired and lacking energy. It may also be our crazy weather. Last weekend we had a heatwave, then it started getting cold… And now it’s warm again, but chilly at night… I’m at work now; I don’t have an appetite and just wanna go home and sleep… Grrr!!!

Field Trip…

We just had a field trip to our new building in SOMA where our company will be moving to in a few weeks. The new building is cool… We finally will get out of the basement and get some natural light. Our company will occupy the whole top floor of the 15th story building on New Montgomery. We have a nice view of San Francisco, including the Bay Bridge, downtown SF, Potrero Hill, and SOMA. Being a block away from Market Street, there were noticably more people in the neighborhood. I’m excited because we are closer to Union Square, stores, restaurants, the Metreon, SFMOMA, Mascone Center and Yerba Buena Garden. In addition to all this, my walk to and from the casual carpool area will be shorter than our current location. Yeay!!!

A good string of songs

My iPod is set to play songs randomly, so as I’m listening I get song that I’m not quite in the mood for and fast forward to the next. As I’m walking to work today, I didn’t fast forward once. My random playlist for this morning was:

Breathe and Stomp (UK Underground Garage Remix) – Q Tip
Pieces Of A Dream (Roger Sanchez 7 Min Mix) – Incognito
SloLoveJanet Jackson
Temporary Love (Blue’s Big Mix) – Vinx
Don’t Call Me Baby (The Drone Old School Vocal Mix) – Madison Avenue

I’m late…

Dang, I don’t know what’s wrong with me this whole week but I just haven’t
been able to get up on time. In addition to that, people are back from
spring break, so the car pool lot has been full again… I’ve been having
to park further from the lot so that adds to my lateness.

*Argh* I’m just upset with myself for not getting my ass out of bed on

Test post…

I’m just testing to see if I can post an entry using my Treo270…


I was just reading some friends of friends’ journals and checking out some pics (of some cute guys – hehe) on find-a-pix, and noticed the word “downe” used a lot, so I did a google search and discovered a new (to me) slang term:

Downe (noun or adjective): A person who identifies as homosexual, gay, bisexual, or queer. Frequently used within Filipino American and Asian American GLBT communities. (Origins: California? or Hawaii?)

Hmm… I didn’t know…

Milk and Cereal

This brought a smile to my face: Milk and Cereal (Asian Version)

“HoW FiliPiNo ArE yOU?”

I scored a 93% on the “HoW FiliPiNo ArE yOU?” Quizie! What about you?