DivX to VCD

I just learned how to convert a DivX file into something my dvd player can read. I wish I could just burn a DivX (.avi) file to disk, but my dvd player can’t read DivX files, but it can read mpeg-1 burn as regular computer files. 1. I had to take the divx (.avi) file and run it through DivX Doctor II so the audio would play correctly on my Mac. 2. I then export the DivX .avi file to a Quicktime movie using QuickTime Pro. 3. Ran the QuickTime .mov file through ffmpegX to give me an mpeg-1 (.mpg) file that I can finally burn to disk and play on my dvd player. Yeay! Of course I had to install a couple of programs/codec like the ffmpeg DivX codec, mencoder, mplayer and mpeg2enc… It would be great to go directly to a .mpg from a DivX .avi, but I was getting errors, so I had to run step 1 and 2 above for this to work… Theremust be a way… I’ll test converting a DivX to a mpeg-2 or DVD (VIDEO_TS) and see if my dvd player will read that, but I can’t fit as much on a blank DVD-R. I usually can get 7-8 hours of mpeg-1 on a blank DVD-R. Whew!