I think I still like XJournal better…

I think I still like XJournal better… I just have to explore it’s features that I haven’t used like the glossary, or bookmarks, or entering entries offline…


This is a test entry using MacJournal 2.5

Well, yup that’s what this is… a test entry using MacJournal 2.5.

Let’s see how it works… Here’s a link to my web site.

This is line 3. hehe

Busy at work, Happy Anniversary and Found MP3s…

I ended up staying up last night til 3 or 4 trying to finish my Visa project because it was due today at 2pm… I pressed snooze a little too much and was rushing to get to the carpool. Then I realized that I forgot to copy my files that I worked on from my Hard Drive back to my iPod to bring to work, so I had to go back home and get the files… Needless to say, I was about 45 minutes late for work… and I missed a meeting that I didn’t know about.

I had so much to do, I got news of more rush jobs for Monday and Tuesday. It’s just not letting up for me… but I guess that’s better than not having a job. I did very good progress on that project and was able to give it back to the account exec to look over. I did a search for .html file on the project’s folder and there were 221 .html pages!!! That’s alot of pages.

I met with my freelancing client to discuss the final step for his Flash website that I’m developing. He seems very pleased with it and also offered to place a link back to my site. I thought that was nice. :) I’ll post the URL once he gets his hosting server up and I’ve uploaded the files.

Today is my parent’s anniversary. Happy Anniversary Nanay and Tatay!!! It’s kinda weird ‘cuz I didn’t know if I should mention it or what. But when I got home, I wished my mom a happy anniversary and it brought a smile to her face :) It was 49 years ago that my mom and dad got married…

My mom wanted to go to Walmart to buy a greeting card and a needle for the sewing machine, so we both went and ended up staying there for what seems like more than an hour and a half… but it’s cool, cuz I know my mom need to get out of the house sometimes.

I was gonna work on my freelance tonight, but I ended up going through my hard drive and finding all these old files from a long time ago. I was pleased to find a folder filled with mp3 of CDs that I ripped way back in Alameda. I didn’t have iTune back then, so my files were all scattered and unorganized. Most of them are CDs from my college days… Cathy Dennis, Bomb The Bass, Altern 8, Nomad, Moby, 2 Unlimited, Messiah, Nenah Cherry; and alot of compilations like Deep Heat, Hardhop + Trypno, Maximum Rave, The Little Mermaid, URB Sampler, XL Recordings, Red Hot + Blue and alot more. So I imported them to iTunes… adding about 1505 songs to my ever growing collection.

I still have a whole bunch of CDs in some box somewhere in storage. I really really want to find my MP3 CD for show tunes… I love show tunes and miss listening to them!!! Come to think of it, where’s all my Janet Jackson and Duran Duran CDs?

Deborah Cox: Oh My Gosh

My Thursday…

I didn’t do the routine of getting up and rushing to the carpool for work. I took half a day off and would start working at 1:30pm at home.

I took my mom to a doctor’s appointment (mammogram). I think I saw my Tuesday driver at Kaiser, but wasn’t sure.

We then headed to Costco and bought some food and stuff. We low on toilet paper ya know. Then we ate at their little food stand and had hot dogs and soda, along with Fritos that we bought (in a humongous bag).

Did you know regular Fritos has just 3 ingredients: corn, corn oil and salt.

Around 1:30pm I started working at home. This is the first time I worked from home during business hours, so I called my studio manager, our project manager and an account exec to check in… just as if I was in the office. It was totally cool working from home. I had a stack of revision to a website I’m working on for Visa (about 100 pages worth), so I was just widdling away. I logged in AIM and was able to chat with our project manager; we gossiped and talked about work, etc… just as if I was in the office.

My brother and I moved some of the cars in front around, so he can work on my nephew’s car in the driveway. We really need to get rid of the dead ones.

dinner: Monggo and Costco Rotisserie Chicken
movies via Netflix: Body Without Soul, Jason’s Lyrics, The Way Home

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

I was expecting them to be at Kaiser for a while, but they came back within an hour. My mom is fine, although she’s think she’s a bit shaken. The doctor says that it’s Subconjunctival Hemorrhage (a blood vessel broke under the tissue covering her eye), but it should be fine. No treatment necessary, but her eye may be red for a week or so, until the blood is absorbed.

Hope Nanay is okay…

It’s 2 in the morning and my brother just left to take Nanay (my mom) to Kaiser Hospital…

I was working on some freelance work, and Nanay asked me to take a look at her left eye, because she noticed that it had blood and was all red. She has a growth on that eye and it looked like it might have burst. It didn’t hurt and she said she can see through it just fine, but I told her, just to make sure, let’s go to the hospital to check it. Me and my brother were both gonna take her, but my brother said he’ll take her, ‘cuz he didn’t have work tomorrow, and I had to get up early… but knowing me, I’ll just continue my freelance and stay up until they get home. I’m sure Nanay is okay and the growth just burst, but still, I’mma little worried.

Things like this just reassures me that I made the right decision to move back home.

A Blast from the Past!

This song randomly played on my iTunes… I miss listening to Duran Duran.

A Slow Day at Work, Rain and Alarms in Wal-Mart

I went back to work today (Friday) after being sick yesterday. A couple of jobs that I had to work on were put on hold or delayed, so I didn’t have much to do. I paid some bills online, read some Mac news, IM’d a bit, browsed through a LiveJournal friend, kairin‘s photo album on Snapfish (btw, he’s a great photographer ;-), and, oh yeah, I went around trying to find work to do.

Me and Kqee kinda got reprimanded for not doing our personal review and not providing feedback on some other coworkers. Oops… I know being busy with work is not a good excuse, but it did make me lose track of doing it.

It started to rain again… and it’s freezing!

When I got off the carpool in Vallejo, I felt like checking Target out and seeing if they had those Sony earbuds that I like. I got those new in-ear headphones from Apple, but honestly I don’t like then as much as my old Sony’s… Anyways, I decided to call my mom and see if she wanted to go shopping. She’s like “yeah!,” so I picked her up and asked where she wanted to go. She doesn’t go out much, and I though it’ll be nice to get her out of the house.

We went grocery shopping at Seafood City, then went to Target (I didn’t find the earbuds), then went to Wal-Mart… Oh! get this! At Wal-Mart, I was looking at the digital cameras and pick one up… then the alarm went off… so I just kinda move aside like I didn’t do anything. After a minute, it was still ringing and I just kinda went away… nobody did nothing… even nearby employees… After about 15 minutes, me and my mom were already halfway across the store and I still heard the alarm ringing.

So that was my day.