Just A Little While

I had another hella busy day today (Monday) at work… and now I’m continuing my freelance. Hopefully, I’ll finish tonight.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), a coworker and I are hosting a little breakfast for work weekly status meeting. She’s gonna make a egg casserole thingy, while I just finished making 2 loaves of Banana/Apricot Nut Bread. I’ll bring that along with some Rice Crispy Treats that my mom made.

I got a call from my good friend Dukz, he told me that Janet’s new single, “Just A Little While,” is on her web site… so I went to take a listen… It’s catchy… and I can’t wait til her new album comes out :)

Ohh… the Banana/Apricot Nut Bread smells so good… it’ll be done in “Just A Little While”… hehe… yeah, I know that was bad! (and corny!)