Coded Paragraph at PIQF 2012

My quilt “Coded Paragraph” will be shown at the New Quilts of Northern California exhibit at the Pacific International Quilt Festival in the Santa Clara Convention Center (Santa Clara, California) from October 11-14, 2012. More information on their website.

Showing my (almost completed) quilt top at the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild meeting...

Here are a few photos of my quilt’s progress on Flickr.

I’ve never been to PIQF and this is the first time I had a quilt accepted to be shown at an “International” quilt show… so I don’t know exactly what to expect. I heard that is a large show and you can easily spend most of the day there.

Please come if you have the chance. I’ll try to make it there Saturday, and maybe return Sunday if I don’t get to see everything.

Coded Paragraph Quilt: Few more panels sewn

Few more panels sewn

A few more panels sewn…

Coded Paragraph Progress: Two More Partial Rows Done…

Two more partial rows done

Two more partial rows of my Coded Paragraph quilt is done.

Coded Paragraph Sewing Starts…

The EBMQG meeting is coming up, so I wanted to bring something to show, so I started cutting up some of the fabric to start sewing my fourth quilt, Coded Paragraph. Here’s a photo of part of the first completed row.

Started sewing a new quilt project this evening

Changing My Quilt Size…

After finally using my Habitat Arrows quilt for a couple weeks (it was in a quilt show in February), I got to know it more and found that I want to adjust the size of my next quilt.

Habitat Arrows is 68″ x 86″ (washed) and I noticed that when I’m using it, the right side gets lifted above the side of the bed, so I want it about 10″ wider… I think I’m happy with the length on 86″. I’ll see if I want to adjust that later…

This makes the target dimensions for my next quilt: 78″ x 86″… I have the Coded Paragraph quilt designed at 70″ x 88″, so I have a little adjusting to do. Luckily it’s not too much.

Start of Coded Paragraph…

I’m starting on a new quilt called “Coded Paragraph” that I have been designing on the computer for a few months now. It is inspired by SisTeMu poster designs by Laia Clos of Barcelona’s Mot Studio.

Designer Laia Clos, of Barcelona’s Mot Studio, created a visual language called “SisTeMu” that turns every note of music into a system of geometric shapes and bright colours.*

I really liked the design and thought it would be an interesting start off point for a quilt design. I drew an initial plan in November 2011, then it evolved and evolved into something that I am finally happy with.

Collecting Fabrics for Quilt 06: Coded Paragraph

I gathered various fabrics from my stash, but had to buy some. I wanted bright colors that looked solid for the squares… but I didn’t want to strictly use solid fabrics, so I looked for bright colored fabrics with two to three tones for some variety.

I had a hard time searching for light grey fabrics which will be the background. I wanted a 10% grey with very little contrast, since I don’t want it to compete with the colored squares. I looked around for one particular light grey fabric called “Dapple Dot” from Daisy Janie’s Shades of Grey collection, which I had a fat quarter of… but couldn’t find locally… so I ordered some online. I’m just waiting for that fabric in the mail.

For the quilting, I will do concentric circles, similar to Dan Rouse‘s Ripple Quilt. Most of it will be machine sewn, but I want to try to do a few hand quilted ones with thick thread.

The back will almost be light gray fabric (similar to the front), but I’m thinking of making thin colored triangles that point to the center of the various quilted circles.