Moringa + Jungle Peanut + Zucchini

After watching a few YouTube video on Moringa and Jungle Peanuts, I went ahead and bought a few seeds from Hinterland Trading Co.

Hinderland Trading Seeds

I didn’t realize that Moringa oleifera, the “Miracle Plant” that many people are boasting about is actually the same plant that they call Malunggay in the Philippines. We mainly use it in a Chicken Ginger Soup called Tinola. Last year when I vacationed in the Philippines, I remember seeing Malunggay growing everywhere. We even found some near our resort in Subic and harvest some to cook… I’m excited to find some and heard that it is easy easy to grow and can easily be grow from cuttings. I can’t wait to get it to grow.

I planted the Malunggay and the Jungle Peanuts into cell pack and will pot them up once they sprout.

Jungle Peanuts Sown

I also cleared the two large terra cotta pots in the front yard and planted a Black Beauty Zucchini in one and a Yellow Straightneck Squash in the other.

Last year, I wasn’t happy with the Zucchini in the Square Foot Garden in the back… so I yanked it out and planted it in the front in the terra cotta pot… it started getting big fast and fruiting, so I’ll plant Zucchinis in front from now on.

Anticipating the Flight…

So after frantically getting everything set for this upcoming month long trip to the Philippines. I’m here at D’s house in Hayward waiting for him to get out of his half-day at work and finish up packing and get all the last minute things done before we have to leave for the airport at 9pm.

My friend D asked me a few months ago if I would like to accompany him to his family get together/vacation in the Philippines. I’ve been wanting to go a while now, but just haven’t worked out… but since I no longer have a job (just freelancing), I figured that it would be the perfect time to go.

This will be my first time back to the Philippines in 41 years (since 1970)!!! We left when I was 1.5 years old, so I don’t have any recollection of my birth place. I’ve just seen the few family photos when I was a baby.

I’m a bit nervous and of course excited… Excited to finally see my homeland and the people, the culture, the food, fruits, plants and all things Philippines. I’m a bit worried, because people have been telling me about pick-pocketer and thieves who will steal things from your hand, but I hope that is exaggerated… but even then, I’m not planning on bringing my DSLR camera to congested places like Metro Manila and the malls…

Oh, I’m, really excited to take lots of photos

I don’t think I will be able to see any of my relatives during this trip, which I’m bummed about, because D’s family has a set itinerary and it’ll be difficult to stray from that, but I hope that I’ll at least see my Uncle Dave when we are in Manila… Hopefully, I can return soon to Philippines like when my Aunties take a vacation. It’ll be much easier to see all my relatives, plus I’ll have more experience with how things work there.

So… any tips or pointers from anyone for this upcoming trip to Philippines?