Orchid Wooden Pots + Chayote Progress + Coconut Orchid Goes to Work…

12:36am I need to do some research on Orchid Wooden Pots… I want to make some for my Masdevallia Orchids… #

6:19pm My Chayote at work has really sprouted!… It has about 7 branches with the tallest about 5 inches… j.mp/clf0rT #

Chayote Progress (March 1, 2010)

7:47pm Brought in my new Maxillaria tenuifolia (Coconut Orchid) to work today… I have to pass by OSH tonight and get some Orchid Mix. #

New Orchids + Wild Flowers + Swiss Chard Harvest…

11:52pm I purchased 5 Masdevallias: Masd. Red Panda, Masd. Huayna Picchu, Masd. Ruby Slippers ‘Baby’, Masd. Flying Colors & Masd. Tovarensis… #

New Orchids from POE 2010

11:53pm I also bought Maxillaria tenuifolia (Coconut Orchid), Bletilla striata var alba (White Chinese Ground Orchid) and Epidendrum Green Hornet#

12:10am Short orange flowers are in bloom along the freeway near El Cerrito. I think they are Wild Calendula or something similar. #

12:18am The hills along the freeways are really green with splotches of yellow from the Wild Mustard flowers. My Mom says the hills looks like maps. #

11:29pm Harvested some Swiss Chard (about 8 bigs leaves) from the garden and will try to dehydrate them like the Kale Chips#