Busy Gardening Day…

It was a busy gardening day. I started by planting a few Green Onions bottoms with the others I planted last week.

Planting Green Onion Bottoms

I start grafting onto our two Asian Plum trees:
Bubblegum Plum (which I’m really interested in tasting, so I grafted it in two locations)
Plum ‘Golden Nectar’
Pluot ‘Flavor Supreme’

People Watcher

This bird kept watching me as I was grafting scions onto our Plum tree. I thought it would fly away if I moved, but even after I walked around and climbed the ladder, it just stayed there. It eventually flew away.

I wanted to graft some Cherry scions, but I couldn’t find any good sites to graft onto… So I left it, and I’ll check our Cherry tree later.

Planting Swiss Chard, Beets and Mesclun

I had some plant that have been in cell packs since the fall, and they are still alive, so I planted the Swiss Chard into 5 gallon fabric pot and Beets ‘Chioggia’ into a large Daiso pot. I had two leftover Flat Leaf Parsley which I planted into a 3 inch pot for now, until i find a permanent place for them in the garden. Hopefully, these plants will grow big despite being left in their cell packs.

I also did a bunch of seed sowing. I sowed all of the Zesty Salad Mesclun Mix into a medium Daiso pot. I don’t think these grew well in the past and I just wanted to get rid of the seeds.

Sowing Spring Greens/Flowers

I planted the rest into cell packs:
Agrostemma ‘Ocean Pearls’
Agrostemma ‘Milas’
Bok Choy ‘Fun Jen’
Bok Choy ‘Purple Choy’
Kohlrabi ‘Early White Vienna’
Bok Choy ‘Summer Boy’

Kiwi Leafing Out

A couple of the Kiwi plants have started to leaf out. I was worried that they died in the winter at their new location, but they seem to have pulled through. They was a couple dead/dried out branches which I trimmed. The rest of the blue bin where they were was empty, so I decided to plant a row of Super Sugar Snap Peas.

Sowing Sugar Snap Peas

Afterwards, I did a major trim of the European Plum tree in back of our storage. There were tons of dead limbs and limbs that sagged down. I tried to clear the bottom so we had walking space and just get rid of too much of the mass. I think it looks better now and hopoefully will grow better. Unfortunately, the Kirke Blue Plum that I grafted to it dried up.

Kiwi Plants Finally Moved…

I’ve rooted Kiwi from cuttings (since 2007), but didn’t really know where to plant them, so they have spent years in 1 gallon pots. I placed the pots in an empty space in one of my vegetable beds and over the years they have grown roots outside the pots and established themselves in the bed.

Kiwi Plants (Old Location)

They were getting bigger and bigger and I had trouble accessing the middle part of that vegetable bed, so this year, I decided that they have to move!… I decided to permanently plant them into the two large blue bins behind our storage. They should get ok light there and they’ll finally not be in the way, so I can easily plant in that vegetable bed again.

I moved them (4 total plants) in a span of two days late February, before they fully awaken from dormancy… I first moved two plants into one bin. The roots of the tall ones where big!… I had to cut some, but I think the plant will be ok.

First Kiwi Plant Moved

I amended the soil with compost and fed it with general organic vegetable fertilizer and Azomite.

First and Second Kiwi Planted

I did the same with the remaining two plants… I think they will be much happier here and hopefully they’ll bare fruit┬áthis year.

All Four Kiwi Plants (New Location)

I have to go through my photo library and figure out the planting history of each plant, since a couple of them have lost their tags.