Bunch of Repotting Done!

I finally had a weekend day to work in the garden, but I had to do errands and wasn’t able to start until after 2pm.

One of the major tasks that I wanted to start on was clearing the pots with no more plants from the backyard patio to make more space and to empty, clean and reuse the pots. There was a bunch of pots that my Mom had planted, but over time, the plants had died and the pots remained. Clearing these pots made me think of my Mom.

I noticed that one of my Mom’s Orchids was blooming. I didn’t recognize this orchid but it had a tag from Matsui Orchids.

I repotted a batch of succulents that were in their original tiny plastic pots that there were purchased in to larger terra cotta pots. I’m hoping to eventually inventory all of these.

Another task I needed to do was repot a bunch of my Mom’s plant that were in one gallon pots that desperately needed some TLC. I don’t know how long these have been in these pots, but I’m sure they were cuttings that my Mom rooted. One had very little soil and the roots where already exposed. I noticed the leaves were always wilted when I watered the garden. I planted these into larger 2 gallon pots that I recently purchased. I also wired one plant (like a bonsai) to adjust the branches to be more balanced. 

I added some soil and mulch to a Daylily that I planted from seed.

I also started to change or add soil to by Mom’s Tuberous Begonias that were starting to use up it’s soils. I was only able to repot 3 for now before it got dark.

Finally, I harvested our first harvest of Splash Pluot. These were very tasty