Quilt Retreat

This weekend I attended a quilt retreat at Walker Creek Ranch, organized by Pati of See How We Sew. I went to the first retreat earlier this year and it was fun, so I expected the same.

Quilt Retreat at Walker Creek Ranch.

I got there on Friday before 4pm and almost everyone was already there. I immediately unpacked my sewing stuff and started working on The Village Mystery Quilt, an old project that was close to done. I finished the quilt top, but after posting it on Instagram and looking at it again, I think I want to add a little more to the top and bottom.

I finished up one of my WIP quilt tops at our quilt retreat. Now that I see this photo, I think I want to add a row of dark mustard on the top and bottom.

Once done, I started working on my second project which I started on the last retreat. I just kept sewing and sewing, but realized that I should count how many blocks I have and how many I needed.


At dinnertime, around 6pm, we discovered that there was another quilt group at the ranch. They were a much larger group of around 30 women. A few of them came over and introduced themselves and I voted us to visit them later and we did the same.

Went on a little hike at our quilt Retreat before it got dark.

After dinner, a few of us decided to hike a little before it got dark. On Friday, we hiked up to the water tower and on Saturday, we hiked past the vegetable garden and farm animals.

Run Through the Wood

Sunday morning before breakfast, I decided to would have a run in “nature” to the Toad Pond. I studied the map of the trails and set foot.


Through the weekend, we did a lot of socializing, which was expected.