Wish List: Reel Mower

I never thought of a manual lawn mower, but I think it’ll be cool to have one. I kinda want to get rid of gas powered one, since it takes up so much space and is noisy. I’m eyeing an American Lawn Mower 14 inch Deluxe Hand Reel Mower for $66.49 from Amazon. Let me give this a couple days to see if I still want one.

  • Laura Blanchard

    There are some kinds of weeds that lie down before the reel mower and then get up and laugh. This one for one:


    If you’re dealing with this critter, stick to your rotary gas powered mower.

    We got a reel mower for our community garden years ago and had to borrow a rotary mower from a neighbor when the plaintains were doing their thing.