My First “Real” Knitting Project Complete…

My First "Real" Knitting Project Complete

I’m pretty happy with my first “real” knitting project despite all the mistakes I made. I’m not even sure if I did the crochet cast-off at each of the peaks correctly, but it works for me.

Here’s a previous post when I first started this project:
The Start of My First “Real” Knitting Project…

Stitches Closeup

As I was knitting, I abandoned knitting the the round using double pointed needles and transferred the stitches to a circular needle, the knitting went a lot easier… and I think my tension and gauge improved.

Final Step

The final step was to do a crochet bind off for each of the three peaks.


I had a couple “holes”. I think I either inadvertently made increases or did a yarn over.

The only thing I would do differently is to make it about 1.5 inches longer. I think I was too eager to complete this and ended before the specified length.


Here’s the pattern that this hat was based on: